Invest Smarter: Purchasing Buy to Let Properties Through a Limited Company

27th May 2021

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Real estate can be a goldmine for investment, with handsome returns. However, it is not without its challenges. Stringent rules and regulations have been set in place to prevent market manipulation. These barriers to entry, often in the form of taxation and stamp duties, can be costly. No investor would want to lose their profits to taxes.

Here’s where a limited company solves investors’ woes. Limited companies are preferred for their flexibility. It’s not only easier to manage a larger portfolio, but you’re also eligible for more tax relief. 

Join our webinar where we will compare and analyse cost and taxation implications of purchasing a property as a limited company but also the advantages and how to maximise your income or savings.

Understanding the differences helps in planning the ownership structure for your property investment in UK.


Event details: 
Thursday, 27 May 6pm