For many Singaporeans, the purpose of investing overseas is often two-fold: the potential financial gains are important but so are lifestyle factors.

Here’s where Japan comes into its own.

With its relative proximity to Singapore (compared to Europe, the US, or other key markets), high quality of life, and great diversity of climate, culture, and cuisine, Japan’s got a lot going for it.

That’s partly why it’s one of the world’s quickest growing tourist attractions, with arrivals up 19 percent in 2017 compared with the previous year.

In 2016, the Straits Times reported that Singaporeans accounted for the second biggest increase in tourist numbers in Japan (15 percent) from the previous year.

Yes - Singaporeans love Japan. And when we add in the sound economic factors for investing in Japan, it becomes even more attractive for many Singaporeans.


Here are seven key reasons why you may want to consider investing in Japanese property sooner rather than later…


1. A world focus on Tokyo in 2020



With the upcoming Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo in 2020, the world’s gaze is fixing upon the capital of Japan. It’s already home to more Fortune 500 companies than any other city in the world, except Beijing.

This is having a major effect on infrastructure, as well as demand for property and construction projects.

Between January 2013 and August 2017, the average price of a new condominium in central Tokyo has grown by more than 35 percent.

And quite apart from the investment opportunities, Tokyo is considered a unique, vibrant, pleasant, and safe place to live.


2. A strong and stable economy



Ranked third in the world for GDP and last year registering its longest stretch of growth since 2005, investing in Japan provides a foothold in a strong and stable economy.

To put the size of the economy into perspective, the Kanto region, of which Greater Tokyo is part, has a GDP greater than that of the entire UK; and the Hokkaido/Tohoku region to the north has a GDP approaching that of Turkey’s.

The country’s property market is also stable and sophisticated. In the past five years, it has certainly benefited from the Japanese Prime Minister “Abenomics” economic policy, with residential property prices around the country on the rise.


3. Affordability and finance-ability of properties


Photo: Tokyo, Japan by Jason Ortego, Unsplash


Compared with property prices in Singapore and other major cities around the world, including London, New York, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, Tokyo still offers good affordability.

For instance, a mid-market apartment in the centre of Tokyo would cost around $15,000 per sq. metre; in Hong Kong, a similar property would be close to three times as expensive.

The recently weakening yen has only served to make properties even more affordable. This, coupled with the availability of mortgages from Singaporean banks like UOB and OCBC, make the financial side of purchasing in Japan more viable than in the past.


4. Excellent rental opportunities


The rental yield on apartments in Tokyo averages out at 3-4 per cent and, especially in the central wards of Tokyo, it’s easy to find long-term, professional tenants.

The average monthly rent of a condominium in Tokyo’s 23 wards was recently estimated to be up 5.1% from last year - representing the ninth month in a row with a year-on-year increase.

These are encouraging figures. Provided you are assisted by a recommended property management company (which we can help you with), you should have few fears of investing in the Japanese market.


5. Endless vacation possibilities


Photo: Park Hyatt Niseko, Hanazono


If you’re looking at buying in Japan to enjoy the variety of cultural and natural beauty as a regular tourist, Japan offers amazing vacation possibilities.

Singaporeans can visit Japan for up to 90 days without a visa and are doing so in ever-increasing numbers. And they’re not just travelling to Tokyo - they’re exploring the further-flung areas of the country too.

Buying a property in Tokyo or elsewhere in Japan can be your reason to return again and again -  and you still won’t run out of things to do!


6. It’s a great place to retire


Thinking of retiring outside of Singapore after your working days are done?

Setting up in Japan is a great option for many of the same reasons that make it such a great tourist destination.

To add to the factors already described, there are excellent healthcare facilities available all over the country; Japan ranks first among OECD countries for number of hospital beds per 1000 people. It also boasts the second longest life expectancy on the planet, after South Korea.

It’s generally considered a very peaceful place to live too. In fact, it was ranked a close second to Singapore in Asia in the Global Peace Index 2018.

Additionally, Japan performs well in the OECD Better Life Index , especially for personal security, income, wealth, education, and environment quality.


7. Foreigner-friendly property-owning laws


Singaporeans (like all foreign nationals) can own property in Japan without restriction.

No citizenship or even residency is necessary and no restrictions on ownership rights to land exist, unlike in some Asian countries, like Thailand and the Philippines.

And, unlike some countries like Canada and Australia, there are no extra fee or taxes applied simply because you’re a foreign buyer.


Never invest anywhere without trusted professional advice…

Investing in Japan is a bright picture indeed. But making any major financial decision without first doing your homework and consulting professional advice is asking for trouble.

Are there challenges to investing in Japan ? Yes, the language, culture, property purchasing laws and financing regulations are all foreign to outsiders and will create difficulties if you attempt to navigate them alone.

But with the right guiding hand to walk you through the purchase process, Japan ultimately makes it very simple for you to buy.

Japan is one of our main international markets and we have built an enviable reputation in the local market, working closely with top-tier developers and helping clients make the right investment decisions there.


Arrange a free consultation to take the first steps to owning your very own property in Japan.

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21 Feb 2019

London is moving East. More than half the city's population now lives east of Tower Bridge, as extensive redevelopment projects such as Canary Wharf and the Stratford Olympics regeneration have turned former industrial areas into some of the world's most profitable real estate.

This regeneration has now entered its next phase: developing the wider area between Stratford and Canary Wharf to establish the Lower Lea Valley as a world-class commercial and residential district surrounded by pristine nature.

The Lower Lea Valley is one of London's fastest-growing areas, with house prices in Bow Creek, Stratford and the nearby East Bank forecast to grow above the London average for the next 20 years.



Peter Gibney, Director of Central and East London Residential Development at Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL), explains:

“This new and unique regeneration area between Canary Wharf and Stratford has attracted some of the world's largest developers, making it one of the most exciting residential-led regeneration areas in London. The combination of rivers, canals, parks and leisure pursuits together with the connectivity and affordable price has the potential to make this area one of London's sought-after hot spots.”


Lower Lea Valley Investment Guide

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Three Waters - Waterside Oasis in the Heart of East London


For further information contact JLL International Residential directly at +65 6220 3888 or 



18 Jan 2019

The central London borough of Kensington and Chelsea sits at the cultural heart of London. But it’s also a prime residential area, known the world over and highly sought-after by property buyers.

Kensington is particularly well-loved for its royal connections, its sense of romance, and its top-notch dining, entertainment, and shopping venues.

Everything in Kensington comes with a healthy splattering of style and elegance - and that’s why you may want to know more about the Royal Warwick Square development.

It could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for to claim a small part of Kensington as your own.

But first, more about why this location is so prized…


Why we love Kensington?

The Jones Lang LaSalle team in London recommends the following dining and drinking venues in Kensington:



Maggie Jones’s - a rustic take on British food

Kitchen W8 - Michelin-starred restaurant serving modern European cuisine

Aubaine - Relaxed, French-style dining

Kensington Place - modern British brasserie specialising in fresh fish


Pubs & Bars

The Churchill Arms - a traditional pub once frequented by Churchill’s grandparents

The Kensington Roof Gardens - boasting three gardens, ideal for special events

Kensington Wine Rooms – A stylish bar for wine lovers 



Café Phillies - a non-chain restaurant on Kensington High St.



Why others love Kensington?

Foreign buyers and investors have long fallen for the cosmopolitan lifestyle, scenic surrounds, and cultural landmarks that gives the Kensington area its unique ‘stamp’.

With some of London’s most famous museums, parks, concert halls, and educational establishments in the vicinity, the affluent surroundings have become a cultural and leisure hub of London.

London landmarks like Kensington Palace, the Royal Albert Hall, the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the Natural History Museum are all nearby, as are Hyde Park, Holland Park, and Kensington Gardens.

Reputable universities like Imperial College London and top primary and secondary schools attract both local and international students; and families moving to Kensington appreciate the variety of supermarkets, delicatessens and speciality food shops.

For younger residents, lively coffee shops, an array of fine dining outlets (including three Michelin-starred restaurants), and upmarket pubs all whet the appetite.



Elegance and tranquillity inside, outside and around

An 11-minute walk away from Harrods in the heart of all this is Royal Warwick Square.

Here, the style, elegance and tranquillity of the Kensington area is translated to the interiors and exteriors of this new development.

With the design expertise of award-winning architects, Squire & Partners, the garden square design is the first thing that will inspire you.

But it’s probably the apartments, designed for luxurious style and comfort, that will win you over.

Whether you’re thinking of an investment property for rental income, your child is studying in London or you’re investing in a holiday home, the combination of luxury and elegance - inside, outside and around Royal Warwick Square - is difficult to ignore.


Modern luxury meets classical design

Royal Warwick Square is semi-classical to the eye with its landscaped courtyard gardens at its centre. But there is a distinctly contemporary feel to the building design and its luxurious facilities.

Leisure facilities include a state-of-the-art gym, spa, sauna and steam rooms, and an indoor swimming pool with vitality pool on site. There is even a private cinema available.

Security is high and a children’s play area is available. There is also secure underground parking with motorcycle bays and cycle racks, as well as ample storage facilities.

A 24-hour concierge service provided by Harrods Estates ensures you feel like you’re holidaying in a hotel when resident here.

Each apartment has floor-to-ceiling windows, helping you bathe in natural light and enjoy the views around the courtyard or over London.


Be connected to the whole of London and beyond

While there is plenty to enjoy simply walking around the neighbourhood, excellent transport links connect you to the rest of London and beyond.

The tube is accessible on foot from both the High Street Kensington and Earl’s Court stations. These provide connections to the new Crossrail station at Paddington.

Journeys beyond London are facilitated by convenient access to cross-continental Eurostar services from St Pancras International station.

Flight access is 30 minutes away at Heathrow Airport and a little longer at Gatwick, making international travel convenient too.



The development

Royal Warwick Square is being developed by St Edward Homes. It is a joint venture between UK property developer Berkeley and the Prudential Assurance Company.

The Warwick Road Masterplan is a regeneration plan involving the creation of more than 1,000 homes, a new school and landscaping across seven acres of prime Zone 1 real estate in Kensington and Chelsea.

Royal Warwick Square is part of this regeneration plan and Sherrin House was the first phase of development. Maclaren House is the second phase.



Your opportunity for an enviable London address

Due for completion in the first or second quarter of 2021, we’re taking expressions of interest in the remaining apartments available in Royal Warwick Square.

These one, two, and three bedroom apartments range in price from £1.08 million to £4.6 million.


For more information about Royal Warwick Square and other residential properties in London, call +65 6220 3888 or email



18 Jan 2019

The Steglitzer Kreisel, 120 metres high, is being brought into a new era with state-of-the-art architecture and technology. Glass, steel, aluminium and a lean silhouette make it the tallest already build residential tower in the city – and the most elegant.

It offers 29 floors of what can only be described as a living experience with breath taking views stretching far across the city. ÜBERLIN.



For further information contact JLL International Residential directly at +65 6220 3888 or 


Why Germany? The destination of choice for Singaporean investors       


Residential City Profile Berlin - 2nd half-year 2017

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06 Dec 2018

Photo: Ginza, Chuo, Japan by Benjamin Hung, Unsplash


If you’re thinking about investing in property in Japan, what better location could there be than the heart of Tokyo?

The city is booming. And the apartments at IMPREST Tokyo Hatchobori Le Cinq are right in the centre of this boom.

But there’s a limited opportunity to ride the wave of investor optimism sweeping over the city.

These brand new apartments are due to be ready by August 2019 and we expect them to get snapped up quickly…






Why do these apartments tick the boxes?

IMPREST Tokyo Hatchobori Le Cinq, in the core central area of Tokyo, could be what some Singaporean investors have been looking for:

• Top location - you couldn’t be more central in one of the world’s most thriving cities

• High profile - a 12-storey residential building with 99 apartments in total

• Elegant & modern - everything in this residential building is high-quality

• Choice of floor plans - from 1LDK to 3LDK apartments available

• Easy to rent - attractive for long-term professional tenants in central Tokyo and a guaranteed rent scheme available

• IMPREST brand quality - an established brand of high-spec apartments in key locations around Tokyo

As you can see, these apartments have got a lot for going for them. But let’s look at the location a little closer, as this is one of the key attractions.


Why Tokyo?

• The approaching 2020 Olympic Games has boosted demand and infrastructure

• Between 2012 and 2016, capitalisation rates in central Tokyo grew by 40 percent

• Rental growth was a healthy seven percent in the same period

• In the last 12 months, average prices of existing condominium units rose by 4.6 percent in metropolitan Tokyo

Japan-wide, residential property prices have been trending higher since 2013 and tourist numbers have hit record numbers.

Investor outlook in the world’s third largest economy is rosy indeed - and set to continue.


Why Chuo-ku?

The IMPREST Tokyo Hatchobori Le Cinq apartments are located in Chuo-ku.

That’s strategically nestled at the nexus between the famous areas of Ginza, Marunouchi, Nihombashi and Tsukiji. It’s difficult to be more central…


And here’s why Chuo-ku ticks the location, location, location box:

 • It’s one of Tokyo’s three central wards - known as the city’s downtown centre

 • The area has the highest population growth in the whole of Japan

 • Just two minutes’ walk to Hatchobori Station and 14 minutes to Tokyo station (Marunouchi Central Business District)

 • Over 10 railways stations within 1km of the development, connecting with 23 lines

 • Approximately 100 of Tokyo’s 500 Michelin restaurants are in the vicinity

 • It’s Tokyo’s financial hub - attractive for wealthy, long-term professional tenants to rent

 • Will benefit from the Tokyo Station Regeneration Project by JR East and real estate developers over the next decade


Chuo-ku is set to become even higher profile in the 10 years.

The redevelopment project will modernize the surrounding area and deliver brand new commercial and retail buildings, transport facilities, the Bulgari Hotel development, and more public and lifestyle amenities.  It will also be home to the tallest office tower in Tokyo.



Find out more this weekend…

How do you take the first steps to registering interest in the IMPREST Tokyo Hatchobori Le Cinq apartments in central Tokyo?

Join us at the St. Regis Hotel in Singapore this weekend.

We’re experienced in walking potential investors through the process of buying in Japan and can answer all your questions about the apartments available in this new development.


DATES: 29 - 30 September 2018 (Sat & Sun)

TIME: 11am - 7pm

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See you there!

10 Oct 2018

With the recent cooling measures from the government, Singaporeans are forced to look elsewhere for real estate opportunities.While some have gone to Japan, Malaysia, and Thailand, others prefer the UK specifically London.

In fact, data from UK's Land Registry reveals Singaporeans are among the top 10 buyers in the Capital. But with the uncertainty over no-deal Brexit and rising property prices, it's becoming harder for buyers to find an ideal investment that can yield good returns.

In this article, you’ll discover why The Silk District in Whitechapel, London E1 is the answer to many investors’ dream of owning a profitable rental property in the Capital.


Five-Star Hotel Experience at the Heart of the City

Named after Whitechapel’s historic silk trade, The Silk District is a collaboration between Mount Anvil and L&Q.

The Silk District is designed by Stockwell Architects and features a 24-hour concierge, secured underground parking, a cinema room, a private gym, rooftop gardens, and a 3,500 sqm. of commercial space.

The interior comes with Terrazo-inspired flooring, SMEG appliances, integrated wardrobes, full-height windows, and open-plan living spaces.

An audio visual entry system plus 24-hour CCTV cameras make sure the residents are safe and secure.

For first-time and experienced buyers, The Silk District promises a profitable opportunity to grow their assets.

Here’s why...


The Launching Of Crossrail Elizabeth Line

With the December opening of Crossrail, residents can reach London in 10 minutes or less.

That means an increased flow of transport to and from the Capital and a 15.3% growth in rental prices by 2021. (Source: JLL)

What’s more, the Crossrail opening will likely initiate a price growth.

This will bring Whitechapel more in line with its neighbors who are trading 50% to 60% higher.



Less Than 20 Minutes from Major Employment and Educational Hubs (City of London, Canary Wharf, and Stratford)

The City has a 55% of the workforce between 25 and 39 years old while the average full-time salary is £80,000 (SGD 142,682).

This is the highest of any London borough and 3x the national average.

Canary Wharf is one of three core financial and business services employment location in London.

Experts estimate that Canary Wharf will see another 14% growth in next ten years -- bringing the total number of employees to 234,000 by end of 2026.

Stratford expects 30,500 new students, four new university campuses, and will house Europe's largest shopping mall.

Silk District’s close proximity to these financial and educational centers guarantees a steady influx of prospects looking to rent or buy properties.


The Rise of “Generation Rent”

A 2016 analysis from PwC shows that by 2025, 60% of Londoners will be renters.

Dubbed as “Generation Rent” this group aged 20 - 39 years old will boost the demand for private renting across the UK and will continue to do so over the next decade.


But why is this so?

Richard Snook, senior economist for PwC explains:

“High prices are making homes in the capital unaffordable to most and could undo a century long trend towards rising home ownership rates - in just 25 years the city has been transformed to one where rental is becoming the norm – especially for younger people”


David Snell, partner, PwC, adds:

“With around 60% of Londoners predicted to be renting by 2025 (40% private sector/20% social housing), policy will need to adapt. This could include encouraging a better quality of private rented accommodation including longer tenure periods, and more rental properties designed for families.”  (Source: PwC)


For investors, this means a 2-bedroom rental property in The Silk District could command a premium rental price and capital appreciation in the next few years.


The £300m Regeneration Plan

The master plan aims to create 5,000 new local jobs, a new street market, seven public squares, a research campus, parks, and a medical research center.

With the regeneration plan underway, investors should expect residential prices to skyrocket by 19.8% between now and 2021 -- outpacing much of Central London.


Co-developed by UK’s #1 Company for Health & Safety

For the 5th consecutive year, the British Safety Council named Mount Anvil, developer of The Silk District, as UK's number one company for health and safety across any sector.


The developer also received a five-star rating and an audit score of 99.96%.

“Mount Anvil is an exemplar organisation in respect to health and safety management – in the UK and internationally. They are dedicated to world-class health and safety”
- Joscelyne Shaw, Policy Director, British Safety Council


Mount Anvil also received two Sword of Honors - a global award recognizing health and safety excellence.

Furthermore, Mount Anvil homes are protected with a 10 Year Buildmark Warranty, in conjunction with the NHBC. This warranty protect landowners for 10 years against structural defects like roof and foundation failures.

And for the first 2 years post legal completion, Mount Anvil, in conjunction with the NHBC, shield investors against defects resulting from failure to meet NHBC requirements.


Ready to Invest In The Silk District?

Singaporean investors who wish to capitalize on this opportunity may realize a double-digit growth in prices and rents. 

JLL’s Director of Residential UK Research, Nick Whitten, explains:

“The Silk District in E1 falls into the perfect buyer hotspot, meeting demand for competitively-priced homes in an area with excellent transport links.”

“We expect rental demand for The Silk District to be as strong as the forecasted rental growth of 15.3% by 2012.”



For more details about The Silk District, please check out the exhibition details here.


Alternatively, you may download the brochure by clicking on this link here.


05 Oct 2020

Singaporeans and real estate properties go well together like kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs.

Just ask any Uncle or Aunty how will they spend a million dollars today.

Chances are, they're most likely buy a condo unit or an HDB flat they can rent out or sell in the future.

For Singaporeans, owning an investment property is a motivation to extend long hours at work so they can enjoy the fruits of their labour once retirement kicks in.

However, achieving this dream becomes challenging.

Just this July, the government raised the stamp duty for additional properties.

This means the rate for a second residential property jumped from 7% to 12% while prices for subsequent properties increased from 10% to 15%.

Additionally, limits to home loan went down.

Banks used to cover mortgages of less than 30 years by up to 80% of value.

Today, it stands at 75%.

This means property buyers and investors have to pay a more substantial down payment because banks have to lend them 5% less than before.

These measures are so drastic and too painful, one commenter, Sean Spore says, "When the government introduced this additional ABSD for Singaporeans, I felt that I am not being appreciated being a citizen… after sacrificing years of NS and contributing to the economy… at the end we are paying almost the same tax as PR and almost close to foreigners, when buying a home. I am very disappointed."
(Source: Channel News Asia)


And if that's not enough, there's also the issue of local properties being expensive compared overseas.

The latest Consumer Sentiment Survey from Property Guru shows 88% of Singaporeans are unhappy with high property prices.

27% of the respondents believe condo prices will increase by over 10%.

Meanwhile, a quarter or 25% think prices for landed properties will rise at the same rate.

PropertyGuru's Chief Business Officer Lewis Ng says, "With buyers now having to fork out more cash up front, these recent moves made it more expensive to consider property as an investment option."

He adds, "Sellers looking forward to a market recover to sell their properties might feel some frustration as well, especially en bloc hopefuls who did not manage to see their sales go through before the measures."

Putting this into perspective, a 1,206 sq.ft. 3-room HDB flat in Yishun which costs SGD 680,000 (USD 492,655) is equivalent to 2 rental properties in Arizona or 4 condo units in Kuala Lumpur.

No wonder, more Singaporeans are spending their investments abroad -- specifically in the UK.

In fact, UK's Land Registry Overseas Company Ownership Data puts Singapore as among the top 10 countries which own properties in England and Wales.



The report also specifies that out of 42,680 properties owned by foreign companies, 44% were in London valued at £33.9 billion.

But what makes Singaporean investors attracted to the London property market?

Read on.


Why Is Today The Best Time To Invest In A London Property?

It seems like Brexit won’t deter Singapore property investors from flocking to “The Old Smoke”.

In a survey commissioned by real estate investment firm IP Global, 17% of Singaporeans prefer the UK as their investment destination.

One factor could be the strengthening of the Singaporean dollar against the British Pound by 9%.

This means UK properties are more affordable for Singaporean investors than in recent years.

Affordable investment opportunities coupled with rising house prices make London a definite destination right now.

In fact, property consultant JLL forecasts a 12.5% increase in house prices over the next 5 years.

That’s 400% better than a UK average house price growth of 2.5% from 2018 to 2022.

This means a $10,000 investment could net a $1,250 profit or more.

For rental properties, JLL expects a 2.5% increase per annum from 2020 to 2022 period.

Plus, the arrival of Crossrail later this year will boost the value for the rental market.
Nick Whitten, JLL’s head of research explains, “Crossrail will bring an additional 1.5 million people within a 45-minute journey time of London, making many areas far more commutable. That’s going to have a big effect on rental demand in this areas.”

Furthermore, demands for new homes will increase thanks to the capital’s growing population.

According to the Office for National Statistics, the number of people living in London is set to reach 9.54 million by 2026, almost 9% more than in 2016.




But while the red-hot UK property market is attracting investors like bees to honey, an under-the-radar property in Central London is turning into a prized real estate haven.


Battersea: London’s Hidden Gem

Lying on the south bank of River Thames is Battersea -- home of London’s Battersea Power Station.

This former power plant is turning into a major hub for business, leisure, and luxury for locals and foreigners alike. And once completed, it will be home to 4,300 residences, office spaces, boutiques, hotels, and schools.

What’s more, Apple is moving its London headquarters to Battersea to accommodate its 1,400 employees.

This will make Apple the most significant office tenant in Battersea Power Station.

For investors who wish to capitalise on Battersea’s booming real estate market, Coda Residences offers a blend of sophistication and affordability.

Just a stone’s throw away from The Thames, this 130-home project is designed by award-winning architect Patel Taylor while designer Johnson Naylor took care of the interior. 

It features a 24-hour concierge service, a lounge area, secure underground car parking, cafe, private gardens, and access to dance studios and lessons at the Royal Academy of Dance located at the ground floor.   

After a hectic day in the city, residents can sit back, relax, and enjoy the view of the London skyline, Clapham Common or the nearby River Thames from the balcony.

Yet what’s more amazing is how Coda Residences is currently selling below market value.


A typical project around Battersea costs £1,700 psf.

On the other hand, a single 788 sq. ft. in Coda Residences is only £750,000 or just £951 psf. 

This means you’re getting a value-for-money deal while taking advantage of the rising rental and property prices around town.


Please click here for more details about this exciting investment opportunity.

18 Aug 2020

Canary Wharf has a new adjacent neighborhood called One Park Drive. Here’s what you need to know about this brilliant 23-acre development.

One Park Drive property values are “anchored” by Canary Wharf, specifically the development known as the Canary Wharf Estate.

Granted, no one has a crystal ball, but it is reassuring to note that Europe’s arguably most valuable real estate development is the Canary Wharf Estate. Valued in the billions (in pounds) the development houses 16 million square feet of office and retail space. And such commercial vibrancy supports the local population with 120,000 jobs.

The Wharf’s cityscape has transitioned from its dockland district undesirable days to a commercial banking district to its current renaissance to a hotbed for startups, media and entertainment companies.

This district is unrecognizable compared to just a couple of decades ago. With diversified talent moving in, the Wharf is anything but outdated.

Residents and visitors alike enjoy access to five malls in Canary Wharf Estates comprised of over 300 shops, restaurants, cafes and bars. Luxury brands abound.

The memory of an industrial or ghetto zone on the Isle of Dogs is now distant. This evolution is by design to raise the quality of life on the Wharf with a sensible bottom-up approach to the financial ecosystem. The “Estate” has over 1,000 people employed 24/7 including a security team operating from a state-of-the-art facility in the middle of the Estate, ranking it one of the safest places in Europe.

Graced with modern building designs, One Park Drive’s latest development sets a new precedent in futuristic style.

Developed by the Pritzker prize-winning architectural firm Herzog & de Meuron, One Park Drive  is regarded as a piece of art.

The exterior of the complex, unlike many modern skyscrapers, is unmistakably residential — functional and stylish. The stunning 483-unit apartment building will be comprised of one-bedroom studios starting at £575,000 going all the way to four-bedroom penthouses.

The exclusive facilities on offer are designed to please the most discerning resident - a cinema, library and lobby with concierge service on the ground floor. Located on the first floor, the fitness facilities include a 20-metre swimming pool, gym, steam room and sauna.

The exterior grounds are on par with the luxurious standard set by the skyscraper’s interior. Nestled amidst tranquil parks, residents will enjoy the tranquil ambiance of the riverside. One Park Drive is positioned at the head of the dock, providing panoramic views of parks, gardens and the water. In concept is a private estate. And as part of the new district, more than a third of the neighborhood will be dedicated to parks, boardwalks and gardens.

One Park Drive expands residential housing for the Wharf Estate driven by the attractive regeneration of the Wharf itself. Regarded as London’s second financial district, the Wharf has become a prime location for companies to headquarter in. Its finan cial reputation has been built over decades. Companies currently holding a base in the Wharf include Accenture, American Express, ANZ, Bank of America, Barclays, and that’s the beginning of the list.

Just like any well-diversified portfolio, the Wharf is now home to industries beyond only the financial sector.

Canary Wharf Station (Crossrail Place) is scheduled to open in December 2018 allowing for this area to become even better connected.

Luxury apartments, such as the forthcoming iconic skyscraper One Park Drive, will then be only six minutes to Liverpool Street, 39 minutes to Heathrow and just minutes away from the London City Airport. Although the new route won’t be in full swing until December 2019, trains will operate every five minutes at peak hours to Paddington, Heathrow and Reading in the west or Abbey Wood in the east.

In addition to the luxury apartments of One Park Drive, affordably-priced (though still smart) residences are on offer and moving quickly with the vibrant job demand and the logistical opportunity given by the new station opening. Expect district property values to step up following the grand opening of this ultra-modern station.

Given the amenities of the already beautifully-planned Wharf Estate, the latest add-on, One Park Drive, will appeal to the most discriminating tastes. A planned residential design integrating leisure, work, education, healthcare and security will create a utopia that sets a new standard that other future developments will aspire to follow. One Park Drive leaves no stone unturned in catering to residents’ needs.

14 Sep 2020

Understanding the differences between property markets in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific is vital. So is understanding different countries’ sales processes and tax systems. That’s where we can help.

International property investment is not just about buying bricks and mortar; it can be about finding a home or making your money grow.

Choosing a property is only the beginning. We can also advise you about financing, legal documents, furnishing packages, and even find you a tenant.

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11 Mar 2020

The UK housing market is adjusting to varying levels of political and legislative change, but the 'New Housing Paradigm' is about a bigger, structural shift.

A supportive environment for capital flows into the housing market over recent years is expected to close. Digital construction will also play an increasingly important role in housing delivery. Our new report - JLL Forecasts: The new housing paradigm considers the impact of these changes on market performance over the next 5 years and looks at how the UK housing market is expected to perform in 2018 and beyond.


Key Highlights:
• More moderate UK house price growth for the next 5-10 years
• Brexit will remain a short-term drag on the UK housing market
• New Housing paradigm good for government, the economy, buyers, sellers and industry participants
• UK house price growth are set to ease
• UK transactions will improve at a moderate rate
• UK housing starts to remain buoyant

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20 Apr 2018