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18 Sep 2018

With the recent cooling measures from the government, Singaporeans are forced to look elsewhere for real estate opportunities.While some have gone to Japan, Malaysia, and Thailand, others prefer the UK specifically London.

21 Aug 2018

Singaporeans and real estate properties go well together like kaya toast and soft-boiled eggs.

Just ask any Uncle or Aunty how will they spend a million dollars today.

30 Jul 2018

The European residential investment market continues to grow at an impressive rate and this year the market has seen significant growth in demand from a wider range of global investors. Investors are attracted to the stable income profile,...

11 Jul 2018

Canary Wharf has a new adjacent neighborhood called One Park Drive. Here’s what you need to know about this brilliant 23-acre development.

24 May 2018

The half-yearly publication provides a detailed market analyses of the residential property market in Berlin. All relevant parameters for the market analysis are presented in detail and are broken down into the individual districts. Supported by...

18 May 2018

As prestigious global addresses go, no city can compete with London. It's not just London's up-and-coming regeneration areas that offer attractive prospects for investors either, but also traditional favorites like Westminster.

07 May 2018

For investors looking to find new homes in other countries or grow their money in the long term, investing in international properties is an excellent bet. As local real estate markets display sluggish performance and modest opportunities at best...

20 Feb 2018



Main regional city centres across the UK are expected to outperform with higher sales price and rental growth as the rise of city centre living continues.

Edinburgh in particular is...

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