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06 Jan 2017

It is worth reminding ourselves of the scale of the current transformation taking place. By 2025, across the whole of the Nine Elms area, Londoners will see a new high density town in the place of the last large-scale industrial estate in Zone 1.

06 Jan 2017

Government initiatives have fuelled stronger UK consumer sentiment and bolstered housing demand. The Central London residential development market is reaping knock-on rewards. Domestic demand is resurgent, supplementing overseas appetite.

06 Jan 2017

Germany is the largest European economy and by far the largest residential buy-to-let investment market in Europe. A safe and stable haven for global capital, Germany offers investors a solid economic and political environment that is highly...

08 Nov 2016

Brexit will dominate UK housing markets over the next few years as we enter uncharted territory. The big question for the industry is whether policy initiatives target short-term supply improvements, or look beyond the immediate horizon to create...

18 Apr 2016

Manchester is the UK’s forward looking and inspirational city region. It is a world-class business and investment location with all the benefits and attractions of a vibrant European metropolis.

08 Apr 2016

Some of Northern England’s residential markets are already resurgent. The Northern Powerhouse initiative will provide an additional boost, but will the region be able to build enough homes amid the ever-changing regulatory regime?

07 Apr 2016

The Central London development market has proved remarkably robust during the course of 2017 and has even staged a mini recovery. Oddly though, it doesn’t really feel like it. Prices have held firm during 2017, the number of sales has increased...

09 Mar 2016

Prices have fallen marginally during Q2 in the Prime Central London sales market but there has been a real bounce in activity following the general election and recent budget, although transaction volumes are still lower than normal. The lettings...

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