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Did you know that most Germans prefer to rent than to buy a house? Renting is heavily embedded in German culture - so how can you tap into that to make the best financia... Learn More
18 Mar 2021
Do you plan to buy a property in Japan? What is the property market situation there? What are future investment prospects? What city is a good alternative to investing in... Learn More
Many people buy UK property for long term capital growth whilst tenants generate the income to pay any mortgages – the aim being to generate wealth for retirement. Howeve... Learn More
Berkeley Homes will be launching a new incredible building at South Quay Plaza. Harcourt Gardens is a place of balance and equilibrium, busy when you need it, peaceful when... Learn More
30 Jan 2021


21st January 2021

21 Jan 2021
Invest in Portugal. Real Estate Market Update. Is it your last chance to buy a property in Lisbon for Golden Visa?   Don’t miss the last chance and buy a property in Lis... Learn More