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23 May 2019

The UK economic and political landscape has been dominated by Brexit over the past 2½ years. The next 2½ years are likely to be similar, albeit dealing with a different phase of the process.

Inevitably, the UK will collectively refocus attention on domestic policies as the sphere of influence from Brexit diminishes. And there are plenty of housing issues that need addressing – affordability, taxation, regulation in the private rental sector, affordable homes, housing supply, lack of skilled labour and digital construction are just some of the issues to address.


Highlights include:

• Loans to Build to Rent landlords have fallen 46% since the Brexit referendum and July 2018

• The UK is still far behind its target of 300,000 new homes a year by 2020, but delivery is speeding up

• Tech is likely to provide huge disruption over the next 5 years, with digital construction, building information modelling and smart tech all playing a role

• Central London house prices are forecast to grow at 15.3% over the next 5 years


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13 Dec 2018

Despite several high-value transactions during Q3 2018, the Prime Central London sales market suffered a setback to its recovery during the quarter.

On average, prices fell marginally during Q3 having increased in the preceding two quarters and transaction volumes also slowed too. 

The lettings market benefited from a stronger quarter, if a little down on Q3 2017. Rental values increased across all price ranges while turnover experienced its usual Q3 boost. 

Looking forward, we expect a brighter future for both Prime Central London sales prices and rental values. We believe that some kind of Brexit deal will be agreed in the coming months which will remove a degree of uncertainty and instil much needed confidence into the Prime Central London market.


Key highlights include:

• Sales prices fall in Q3

• Transactions slowed further

• Rents rise in Q3

• Students bolster the market



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14 Dec 2018

With several new residential developments and the opening of the new Elizabeth Line, interest in West London is once again on the rise, following several years of East London domination.

While the opening of the Elizabeth Line (Crossrail) has been delayed, the new transport options will nevertheless change the face of West London, opening up new areas not only for commuters into the West End but also into the City and Canary Wharf.

It will continue to be the catalyst for development, especially in close proximity to Crossrail stations. Furthermore, some locations not renowned as commuter towns will be transformed by new residents. So expect West London to see a major makeover during the next decade. 

In addition to Crossrail, it looks like the Heathrow expansion will be given the green light, adding a third runway to the airport by 2026.

The expansion of Heathrow Airport will bring important revitalisation to some areas of West London, creating around 60,000 jobs and generating around £70bn in economic benefits by the 2050s. The new runway will increase capacity from 86m to 130m passengers a year. 

These large scale infrastructure projects will mark a new chapter for West London.


Highlights include:

• Acton has been a buzz of development activity in recent years, with 1,425 unit completions since 2014

• Brentford and Kew Bridge have the most units currently under construction in West London with 1,265 units underway

• Ealing will benefit from the opening of the Elizabeth Line and is currently at the top end of new build pricing in West London, with properties reaching up to £1000 psf. 

• Hayes & Harlington and Southall, positioned to the northeast of Heathrow, will benefit from the Elizabeth Line, with the area being host to the most extensive planning pipeline in West London

• West Drayton and Drayton Gardens, one of the westernmost villages in London, has seen significant residential development, with 1,141 completions over the past 5 years

• Uxbridge has seen a surge of residential development activity in recent years, with 628 units currently in the planning pipeline. 



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14 Dec 2018

Understanding the differences between property markets in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific is vital. So is understanding different countries’ sales processes and tax systems. That’s where we can help.

International property investment is not just about buying bricks and mortar; it can be about finding a home or making your money grow.

Choosing a property is only the beginning. We can also advise you about financing, legal documents, furnishing packages, and even find you a tenant.

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23 Apr 2018

The UK housing market is adjusting to varying levels of political and legislative change, but the 'New Housing Paradigm' is about a bigger, structural shift.

A supportive environment for capital flows into the housing market over recent years is expected to close. Digital construction will also play an increasingly important role in housing delivery. Our new report - JLL Forecasts: The new housing paradigm considers the impact of these changes on market performance over the next 5 years and looks at how the UK housing market is expected to perform in 2018 and beyond.


Key Highlights:
• More moderate UK house price growth for the next 5-10 years
• Brexit will remain a short-term drag on the UK housing market
• New Housing paradigm good for government, the economy, buyers, sellers and industry participants
• UK house price growth are set to ease
• UK transactions will improve at a moderate rate
• UK housing starts to remain buoyant

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20 Apr 2018

In our recent report we discover how Canary Wharf is transforming from a primarily financial hub into a vibrant Central London mixed use neighbourhood.


Crossrail will make a huge difference once it is fully operational and will make Canary Wharf more accessible and better connected than ever before.


There are plenty of new developments under construction to cater for the first wave of new residents keen to take advantage of the enhanced connectivity, while the planning pipeline is ready for the next wave of Canary Wharf occupants. Many of the new inhabitants will be renters, such is the scale of multifamily development.


The volume of new development over the next 5–10 years will mark a step change for Canary Wharf as a residential location.


We expect price and rental growth in Canary Wharf to be strong and higher than the Central London average over the next five years. The opening of Crossrail together with a wealth of residential developments and an influx of new residents will be the key drivers of this out performance.



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19 Jul 2019

The Marylebone & Fitzrovia area is undergoing transformational change. Crossrail is the current catalyst, facilitating and inspiring new public spaces, superior connectivity, improved infrastructure and new buildings.


The Marylebone & Fitzrovia area has changed dramatically over the past 20 years. Commercial and residential development is playing a central role, bringing a heightened profile of the area and attracting new and exciting retail and office tenants. Meanwhile, large residential developments such as Rathbone Square, along with several smaller, boutique schemes, are providing an array of modern apartments to cater for the area’s devoted residents as well as helping to attract a new contingent of Marylebone & Fitzrovia inhabitant.



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27 Jun 2019

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London’s City Fringe is broadening its geography, with areas such as Shoreditch, Hoxton, Aldgate and Whitechapel now considered bona fide City Fringe locations. New digital businesses are a driving force but a significant increase in residential development, to support a new and younger demographic and the growing trend towards city living, has also been instrumental. 


With much residential development and expansion to the east, especially around City Road and Aldgate, The Elizabeth Line (Crossrail) is also bringing City Fringe contender Whitechapel into the mix. Furthermore, western fringes of the City are also growing as residential locations, with several developments in the Chancery Lane area. Construction activity has never been as high as it is today, with 4,339 units under construction. The outlook is also exciting with almost 5,000 units likely to be built over the next 5-10 years.


Here is a sneak peek of what you will find inside.



• Central City, although usually muted for development, has several schemes under construction

• Momentum is gaining along City Road with a number of developments nearing completion

• Whitechapel, situated on the new Elizabeth Line, will benefit from better connectivity to Canary Wharf, the City and West End

• More than 1,150 private units have been completed in Aldgate in the last 5 years

• Developments in the most central locations of the area can push above £2,000 psf

• The lettings market is very active, with over 600 new unit completions each year over the past four years, meaning plenty of developments to choose from.


And if you have any questions on this research or anything else that you'd like us to clarify, please feel free to get in touch with us directly at +6562203888

15 Oct 2018

The half-yearly publication provides a detailed market analyses of the residential property market in Düsseldorf. All relevant parameters for the market analysis are presented in detail and are broken down into the individual districts. Supported by charts and tables, the series provides a unique overview of the most important residential markets in Germany.

Tables and charts: Economic, demographic and jobs-related indices; number of private households and residential buildings per district; residential property stocks and vacancy rates; stocks, completions, average building sizes and vacancies per district; residential property clock and rental price bands per district; rental prices for building periods and unit sizes per district; purchase prices and purchase price bands per district; selected transactions; rental price maps of the districts.

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05 Dec 2018