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Real estate can be a goldmine for investment, with handsome returns. However, it is not without its challenges. Stringent rules and regulations have been set in place to pr... Learn More
  We would like to invite you to a webinar hosted by JLL and CUMSA (Cambridge University Malaysia and Singapore Association) to better help you understand the property ma... Learn More
28 Apr 2021
Despite the difficult times in the global economy during Covid-19, Portugal continues to be popular among investors from all around the globe, and for a good reason. Not on... Learn More
Let's Talk Property is our new webinar series where we invite different guests for casual discussions on places and properties. This time, we will be talking about Toky... Learn More


15th April 2021

15 Apr 2021
Boasting two universities, t... Learn More
Many people buy UK property for long term capital growth whilst tenants generate the income to pay any mortgages – the aim being to generate wealth for retirement. Howeve... Learn More